Acorn Weevil

Curculio glandium

This is an extraordinary odd-looking weevil with its very long rostrum (snout-like appendage), which is longer in the females. It is golden-brown in colour like the rest of the insect. Similar to the Nut Weevil (Curculio nacum). Length 4 to 8mm.

The larvae feed on the inside of acorns until they burrow out to pupate in the soil.

Seen April to July, and found in oak woods where the weevil bores holes in acorns with its long rostrum and lays eggs inside it. Common and widespread in the south of Britain.

Photographs taken May 2015, local wood, Staffordshire. I found  it rather curious to watch this weevil do a strange balancing act with its legs outstretched as can be seen in one of the images above.