Shaggy Parasol Chlorophyllum rhacodes

Shaggy Parasol Chlorophyllum rhacodes
Discovered in local wood. 19th October 2019. © Peter Hillman

This is a fairly large mushroom. The cap has a dark umbo with recurved brown scales. The gills are free and white, and the smooth stem is whitish with a brownish tinge, the base bulbous. It has a thick, moveable double ring.

Frequent to common throughout Britain. Native.

Cap 5-20 cm in diameter
Stem 10-20 cm tall, 1-2 cm in diameter

When to see it
Summer to late autumn.

Where to see it
In mixed woodland, roadsides and gardens.


Agaricales (Gilled mushrooms)

Agaricaceae (Parsols, Mushrooms, etc)

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Discovered in local wood.
25th September 2019. © Peter Hillman