Shaded Orbweaver Metellina merianae 

Shaded Orbweaver Metellina merianae female

Female discovered under bark in local woodland. 27th August 2020. © Peter Hillman

Family Tetragnathidae (Long-jawed orbweb spiders)

Body length 4.5-9 mm.

A well camouflaged species of spider for its preferred environment, with muted colours and patterns compared to other Metellina species. However there is a form with a broad cream stripe down the abdomen called var. celata.

It builds a small orb web in cave entrances or in damp woodland. It usually conceals itself away from the web during the day.

Found in damp and dark, secluded locations like caves, tree hollows, and rock crevices, in a variety of habitats, including woodland and grassland. Seen all year round, especially April to October. Common and widespread throughout Britain. A native species.