Rock Pipit – Anthus petrosus

The Rock Pipit has dark brownish-olive plumage on the back and buff streaks below on a dull whitish background. It also has dark brown to blackish legs, pale grey outer tail feathers, and a longish dark bill. There is also a subspecies called the Scandinavian Rock Pipit (Anthus petrosus littoralis), which is darker and less streaked. Similar to Meadow Pipit and Water Pipit.

They forage for food on cliffs amidst seaweed for insects and molluscs, or near the beach tidelines. They build a hair-lined nest on the ground or in a rocky crevice. Lays 4 to 5 eggs in two broods from April to July. They can live for up to 5 years

Seen all year round, and almost always found within sight of the sea, on rocky coasts and islands. Common and widespread along the UK coastline, except where it is absent from the north-west, east and south coasts of England where the shoreline is less rocky. RSPB Green status.