River Snail Viviparus viviparus

Class Gastropoda (Slugs & snails)
Order [unassigned] Caenogastropoda
Family Viviparidae (River snails)
Species Viviparus viviparus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Shell height 40 mm.

The shell is yellow-green with three distinct brown spiral stripes and 5 or 6 whorls. It is opaque and slightly glossy and has an operculum (cover or lid). The umbilicus (navel) is inconspicuous, occurring only as a groove or notch. Similar to Viviparus contectus.

Seen all year round in slowly moving waters, lowland rivers, canals and around the shores of lakes, on muddy substrate. Requires water with high oxygen content. Widespread in England, scarce elsewhere. Native.

Discovered in local canal, South Staffordshire. 9th July 2021. © Peter Hillman.

Species identification confirmed and recorded by an expert from iRecord.