Enchytraeidae Potworm

Class Clitellata (Earthworms, leeches & relatives)
Order Enchytraeida
Family Enchytraeidae (Potworms)

Length 10-20 mm.

These worms resemble small pale earthworms. They are good contributors to soil fertility. They also help to keep the soil aerated providing oxygen for other organisms. They feed on microorganisms lke bacteria and fungi, and also dead plant material.

Seen all year round. Some species are terrestrial, living in organic rich environments like peat bogs, moorlands and moist forest biomes. Others live in freshwater or marine habitats. Further afield, other species called ice worms live in glaciers and will die if exposed to temperatures a few degrees above freezing.

Common and widespread throughout.

Back garden, South Staffordshire. © Peter Hillman