Potamophylax sp.

Potamophylax Wallengren, 1891

FW length 14-17 mm.

These are known as the angler’s Large Cinnamon Sedges, of which there are 3 species in Britain and require microscopic examination of the genitalia to substantiate species. They are:

Potamophylax cingulatus (Stephens, 1837) – Common throughout Britain, though local in southern England.

Potamophylax latipennis (Curtis, 1834) – Also common throughout Britain.

Potamophylax rotundipennis (Brauer, 1857) – Very uncommon species, localised, absent from some counties and absent from Ireland.

Seen from June to October, near streams, rivers and lakes.

Notes: Experts at both the Facebook Trichoptera Research Group and iRecord have indicated that my images strongly suggest Potamophylax rotundipennis with its broader and rounded forewings, but without examination of the genitalia it has been recorded as Potamophylax sp. So close, but no cigar.