Ophiodesmus albonanus

Ophiodesmus albonanus

Class Diplopoda (Millipedes)
Order Polydesmida (Flat-backed millipedes)
Family Macrosternodesmidae
Species Ophiodesmus albonanus (Latzel, 1895)

Length 5 mm.

A smooth and shiny, pale millipede. Similar to Macrosternodesmus palicola, which is a little smaller and is ‘bumpy’ in appearance.

Seen February to November, but more frequently in April and May. Found in urban and suburban sites like churchyards, cultivated land such as allotments, gardens and parks. Fairly common and widespread, except northern Scotland, north Wales and south west England where it is mainly absent.

Discovered under bark, back garden, South Staffordshire May 2021. © Peter Hillman.

Species identification confirmed and recorded by an expert from iRecord.