Nuthatch – Sitta europaea

The Nuthatch is a beautiful woodland bird with blue-grey back plumage and pale buff undersides with reddish-brown flanks. It has a black stripe running through its eye, and a dagger-like grey bill.

This small bird has amazing acrobatic talents as it can cling to branches and tree trunks with ease in search for food. It is usually seen heading down trees as well as climbing up, such is its agility and strength in grip. It has large feet and sharp claws to aid them in this. It feeds on a variety of seeds, berries and nuts. Apart from searching the trees for this food, it also drops down to the ground looking for fallen nuts and berries.

It nests in old woodpecker holes or bird boxes lined with bark and leaves, plastering mud around the entrance. It lays 6-9 eggs in 1 brood from April to July. They can live 2 to 3 years.

Seen all year round,  and it is found in coniferous or deciduous woodland, parkland, and visits gardens where it will take food from bird tables and feeders. Common and widespread in central and southern England and Wales, but absent from Ireland and very local in Scotland