Family Noctuidae – Noctuid Moths

368 UK species, 175 genera. The largest British macro-moth group. Varied, mainly medium-sized moths, with stout bodies which are capable of very powerful flight.

Subfamily Plusiinae

The Spectacle Abrostola tripartita
73.001 The Spectacle
Abrostola tripartita
73.015 Silver Y
Autographa gamma
73.002 Dark Spectacle
Abrostola triplasia
73.016 Beautiful Golden Y
Autographa pulchrina
73.012 Burnished Brass
Diachrysia chrysitis

Subfamily Acronictinae

73.038 Grey Dagger
Acronicta psi
The Coronet Craniophora ligustri
73.047 The Coronet
Craniophora ligustri

Subfamily Amphipyrinae

73.062 Copper Underwing
Amphipyra pyramidea
73.064 Mouse Moth
Amphipyra tragopoginis

Subfamily Psaphidinae

73.068 Green-brindled Crescent
Allophyes oxyacanthae
Early Grey Xylocampa areola
73.069 Early Grey
Xylocampa areola

Subfamily Bryophilinae

Marbled Beauty Bryophila domestica
73.084 Marbled Beauty
Bryophila domestica

Subfamily Xyleninae

73.095 Pale Mottled Willow
Caradrina clavipalpis
73.105 Bird’s Wing
Dypterygia scabriuscula
Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa
73.113 Angle Shades
Phlogophora meticulosa
73.131 Flounced Rustic
Luperina testacea
73.169 Common Rustic
Mesapamea secalis
73.173 Marbled Minor
Oligia strigilis
Lunar Underwing Omphaloscelis lunosa
73.193 Lunar Underwing
Omphaloscelis lunosa
73.216 The Dun-bar
Cosmia trapezina
73.099 Vine’s Rustic
Hoplodrina ambigua
Old Lady Mormo maura
73.107 Old Lady
Mormo maura
73.114 Small Angle Shades
Euplexia lucipara
73.160 Slender Brindle
Apamea scolopacina
73.171 Rosy Minor
Litoligia literosa
Middle-barred Minor Oligia fasciuncula
73.176 Middle-barred Minor
Oligia fasciuncula
Pale Pinion Lithophane socia
73.201 Pale Pinion
Lithophane socia
Black Rustic Aporophyla nigra
73.233 Black Rustic
Aporophyla nigra
Treble Lines Charanyca trigrammica
73.101 Treble Lines
Charanyca trigrammica
Straw Underwing Thalpophila matura
73.109 Straw Underwing
Thalpophila matura
73.120 Dusky Sallow
Eremobia ochroleuca
73.162 Dark Arches
Apamea monoglypha
73.172 Cloaked Minor
Mesoligia furuncula
Barred Sallow Tiliacea aurago
73.180 Barred Sallow
Tiliacea aurago
73.206 Blair’s Shoulder-knot
Lithophane leautieri


Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi
73.244 Common Quaker
Orthosia cerasi
73.254 Antler Moth
Cerapteryx graminis
73.270 Dot Moth
Melanchra persicariae
73.279 Broad-barred White
Hecatera bicolorata
73.291 Common Wainscot
Mythimna pallens
Small Quaker Orthosia cruda
73.245 Small Quaker
Orthosia cruda
The Nutmeg Anarta trifolii
73.255 The Nutmeg
Anarta trifolii
73.274 Cabbage Moth
Mamestra brassicae
Small Ranunculus Hecatera dysodea
73.280 Small Ranunculus
Hecatera dysodea
73.293 Smoky Wainscot
Mythimna impura
73.249 Hebrew Character
Orthosia gothica
Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea
73.267 Bright-line Brown-eye
Lacanobia oleracea
The Campion Sideridis rivularis
73.276 The Campion
Sideridis rivularis
The Lychnis Hadena bicruris
73.281 The Lychnis
Hadena bicruris
73.298 The Clay
Mythimna ferrago


73.317 Heart & Dart
Agrotis exclamationis
73.328 The Flame
Axylia putris
73.343 Broad-bordered Yellow
Underwing Noctua fimbriata
73.357 Square-spot Rustic
Xestia xanthographa
73.325 Shuttle-shaped
Dart Agrotis puta
Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta)
73.329 Flame Shoulder
Ochropleura plecta
73.345 Lesser Yellow Underwing
Noctua comes
73.359 Setaceous Hebrew Character
Xestia c-nigrum
73.327 Dark Sword-grass
Agrotis ipsilon
73.342 Large Yellow Underwing
Noctua pronuba
73.348 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow
Underwing Noctua janthe