Leiobunum rotundum

Leiobunum rotundum male and female
Leiobunum rotundum female
Leiobunum rotundum female
Leiobunum rotundum male
Leiobunum rotundum female
Leiobunum rotundum (male)

Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Opiliones (Harvestmen)
Family Phalangiidae
Species Leiobunum rotundum (Latreille, 1798)

Body length up to 7 mm.

The female is quite distinctive with a dark median dorsal band and black-ringed eyes. The male has black-ringed eyes, too, but lacks the dark banding. Both sexes have a brownish-reddish ground colour. The legs are extraordinarily long, around 50 mm. Similar to Leiobunum blackwalli which has pale eye-rings.

Seen July to November in woods, scrub and gardens. A nocturnal hunter, feeding on various insects, other invertebrates and some carrion.

One of the commonest and most widespread species, but less so further north in Scotland. Native to the British Isles.

Male an female, local riverbank and back garden, South Staffordshire. © Peter Hillman.

Species recorded and verified via iRecord.