Leiobunum blackwalli

Leiobunum blackwalli - male
Leiobunum blackwalli - male
Leiobunum blackwalli - male

Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Opiliones (Harvestmen)
Family Phalangiidae
Species Leiobunum blackwalli Meade, 1861

Body length 4-6 mm.

The female is larger than the male, and has a dark saddle which widens to a truncated back edge, giving it a characteristic triangular shape. Males and females normally have pale eye rings around the dark eyes, separated by a darker mid-line. Similar to Leiobunum rotundum, but distinguished by having dark eye rings.

Feeds on a wide range of invertebrates including insects, worms, snails and slugs, and even other harvestmen.

Seen May to November, peaking in September. Found mainly in woodland, but also in gardens and parks. Widespread and fairly common in most of England and Wales, but scarcer further north.

Discovered on house wall, back garden, South Staffordshire.June 2017. © Peter Hillman.

Species recorded and verified via iRecord.