Hydropsyche sp.

Hydropsyche Pictet, 1834

FW length 7-14 mm.

There are 9 species of Hydropsyche in Britain, and they are known as the angler’s Grey Flags or Marbled Sedges. They are a complex group, and require microscopic examination of the genitalia to accurately identify.

The larvae are found in streams and rivers across Britain where they filter-feed algae and particles of organic material captured in their nets, and are also nown as the netspinning caddisflies for this reason. They spin a concave net, facing upstream, in front of a sheltered retreat in debris or under stones, and wait for food to be captured in the net. The adults are usually found on nearby vegetation. They are also attracted to artifical light sources.

Identification of species reconfirmed by an expert at iRecord.