Grass Spider Tibellus oblongus

Grass Spider (Tibellus oblongus)

Discovered on local woodland path. 4th June 2006. © Peter Hillman

Family Philodromidae (Running crab spiders)

Body length 7-10 mm.

This is quite a striking crab spider, with the female having an elongated pale yellowish-straw coloured body with a central light brown stripe running its full length, and two rear dark spots. The male is similar, but the body is smaller and bluish in colour.

When at rest on vegetation it clings to a vertical stem facing head down and stretches out to blend in with its surroundings making it hard to see. It makes for a formidable hunter of insects and other invertebrates.

The adults maybe seen April to July. Found in grasslands and shrubby places. A common and widespread species.