Goldenrod Spider – Misumena vatia

Body length female 9-11mm, male 3-4mm. Sometimes called the ‘Flower Spider’, the female of the species maybe yellow, white, or green depending which flower it is on. The stripes on the abdomen and thorax can also be variable, again making the best of its camouflage. The male is less variable, has a brown carapace, a buff-coloured abdomen, and longer legs.

This spider can change its colour to blend in with its surroundings, particularly flower heads on which it sits in wait for other insects, especially flies, bees and butterflies to feed, before the it grabs it with its long legs to feed upon it.

The adults are seen April to July. Found in flowery places such as meadows and gardens. Reasonably common in the south, less so in Wales and rare in Scotland.