Glossy Glass Snail Oxychilus (Oxychilus) navarricus

Class Gastropoda (Slugs & snails)
Order Pulmonata (Lung-bearing slugs & snails)
Family Oxychilidae (Glass snails) »
Species Oxychilus (Oxychilus) navarricus (Bouguignat, 1870)

Size 8-10 mm in diameter.

A medium-sized very glossy brown snail with a slightly raised spire and 5 flattened whorls. The body is blue-grey with jet-black mantle edge that can be seen as a dark band at the front edge of the shell. Sometimes emits a faint garlic smell when disturbed.

Seen all year round in woodland and occasionally in gardens. Widespread but not especially common in much of England, and Wales. Native.

Found under lloose bark, back garden, South Staffordshire November 2020. © Peter Hillman.

Species identification confirmed and recorded by an expert from iRecord.