German Wasp Vespula germanica

German Wasp Vespula germanica

Length 13 mm. Very similar in appearance to the Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris), though very slightly bigger. The best way of telling them apart is by looking at the face. There are usually three small black spots (rarely one) and it is never anchor-shaped as it is in case of the Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris).

Seen in most habitats from April through to September. Common and widespread throughout Britain, especially in the south of England.

Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps & Sawflies)
Family Vespidae (Social Wasps)
Species Vespula germanica (Fabricius, 1793)

Photos: Back garden, South Staffordshire April 2020. © Peter Hillman

German Wasp Vespula germanica