Class Actinopterygii – Ray-finned Fishes

We are all familiar with fish as they are a key food source for humans as well as many other animal species, including birds, reptiles and mammals. Fish are vertebrate animals with a boney structure and central nervous system, and have gills so they can gather in oxygen from the water to help them breath in an aquatic environment. With fins instead of limbs, these help fish move efficently through saltwater or freshwater habitats.

Three-spined Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus
Three-spined Stickleback
Gasterosteus aculeatus
Shanny Lipophrys pholis juvenile
Lipophrys pholis
Roach Rutilus rutilus
Rutilus rutilus
Sand Smelt Atherina presbyter
Sand Smelt
Atherina presbyter
Perch Perca fluviatilis
Perca fluviatilis