Field Mushroom Agaricus campestris

Agaricus campestris
Discovered in local horse pasture. 25th September 2016. © Peter Hillman

Quite a variable mushroom, the cap white or sometimes creamy yellow, and remaining in the button stage for quite a long period. The gills are deep pink, finally darkening to brown. The white stem has a single delicate ring. Similar to the Horse Mushroom (Agaricus arvensis), which is somewhat the larger of the two mushrooms.

Widespread and fairly common throughout Britain. Native.

Cap 3-10 cm in diameter
Stem 3-1- cm tall, 1-2 cm in diameter

When to see it
June to October.

Where to see it
A familiar mushroom of pastures, particularly those grazed by cattle. Found clustered, sometimes massed, in grassland of all types.


Agaricales (Gilled mushrooms)

Agaricaceae (Parsols, Mushrooms, etc)