Family Cicadellidae – Leafhoppers

285 UK species, 105 genera. Quite a varied group where some species are attractively coloured and patterned. They feed on plants and leap a fair distance when disturbed.

Acericerus heydenii
Eupteryx florida
Eupteryx florida
Eupterycyba jucunda
Empoasca decipiens
Populicerus confusus
Sonronius dahlbomi
Sonronius dahlbomi
Balclutha punctata
Ribautiana ulmi
Edwardsiana crataegi
Edwardsiana crataegi
Athysanus argentarius
Idiocerus sp
Unidentified Cicadellidae
Eurhadina loewii
Hauptidia maroccana
Hauptidia maroccana
Empoasca vitis
Mocydia crocea
Horned Leafhopper (Ledra aurita)
Horned Leafhopper Ledra aurita
Cicadellid Nymphs

Many thanks to Joe Botting of British Bugs and to Alan Stewart from iRecord who have helped to accurately identify and confirm species.