Duck Mussel Anodonta (Anodonta) anatina

Class Bivalvia (Bivalves)
Order Unionoida
Family Unionidae (Freshwater mussels)
Species Anodonta (Anodonta) anatina (Linnaeus, 1758)

Length of shell 75-120 mm.

One of the largest of our freshwater bivalves, it has a thin shell and is generally slim when closed. Brown and yellow in colour. The hinge margin is notably angled from the mid-axis. Similar to the Swan Mussel (Anadonta cygnea), which is larger.

Seen all year round, it occupies the greatest diversity of habitats of any large mussel, including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and canals. Common and widespread in England, less so elsewhere.

Found in local canal, South Staffordshire July 2021. © Peter Hillman.

Species identification confirmed and recorded by an expert from iRecord.