tail-less Cylindroiulus sp.
Cylindroiulus sp. juvenile
Blunt-tailed Snake Millipede Cylindroiulus sp.

Class Diplopoda (Millipedes)
Order Julida
Family Julidae
Genus Cylindroiulus Verhoeff, 1894

These millipedes require adult dissection and detailed microscopic examination to identify, but it is one of the ‘tail-less’ Cylindroiulus species, where it is basically lacking a projecting telson. There are 4 British ‘tail-less’ species:

Cylindroiulus truncorum which is scarce and non-native.

Cylindroiulus latestriatus (Curtis, 1845) which is common and widespread.

Cylindroiulus britannicus (Verhoeff, 1891) also common and widespread.

Cylindroiulus parisiorum (Brölemann & Verhoeff, 1896) which is localised.

They feed on dead leaves and other plant detritus. Seen throughout the year mainly in woodland and gardens.

Found in local wood and back garden, South Staffordshire. © Peter Hillman.