Compost Worm Dendrobaena veneta

Class Oligochaeta (Earthworms)
Order Crassiclitellata
Family Lumbricidae (Earthworms)
Species Dendrobaena veneta (Rosa, 1886)

Length 7 cm.

A distnctly stripey worm where the upper surface has dark red bands, with a pale pink or yellowish band in between. The saddle is usually paler than the rest of the body. Postion of the clitellum and wide setae spacing at the tail end is consistent with Dendrobaena veneta.

Seen all year round, and usually found in garden compost but can also occur in wet, decaying leaf litter, under damp bark and in organic-rich soils and manure heaps. Common and widespread throughout England and Wales.

Discovered under plant pot, back garden, South Staffordshire August 2021. © Peter Hillman.