Pretty In Pink

Common Restharrow Ononis repens

When I first spied these little beauties along the seafront, especially as they appeared to glisten in the freshly fallen rain, I thought oh yes, wow! How lovely!

Common Restharrow Ononis repens

The small brightly pink flowers kind of jump out at you. The plant is called Common Restharrow (Ononis repens).

Common Restharrow Ononis repens

Common Restharrow Ononis repens

Exmouth, Devon. August 2019 © Pete Hillman.

Give It Some Mussel

Common Mussel Mytilus edulis

Common Mussel (Mytilus edulis)  Exmouth, Devon. August 2019 © Pete Hillman.

Beauty On The Verge

Common Mallow Malva sylvestris

This ‘looker’ of a wild flower, rain-speckled and dotted with holes as it may be, is called the Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris), and can be seen either on wasteground, in a garden, or on a roadside verge near you this summer. It is a very good provider of nectar for the insect world.

Exmouth, Devon. © Pete Hillman August 2019

All The Greys

Chequered Carpet Shell Ruditapes decussatus

Chequered Carpet Shell (Ruditapes decussatus), August 2019, Exmouth, Devon, England. © Pete Hillman.