Estuarine Sand-shrimp (Gammarus duebeni) The adult is olive-brown with a laterally flattened body with a curved dorsal outline. It has black kidney-shaped eyes,  dorsal clusters of spines on the last 3 segments of its body, and 2 pairs of long antennae. When out of water it jerks along on its side. Length 16 to 22mm.... Continue Reading →

Common Prawn

Palaemon serratus The Common Prawn has large eyes and a translucent body with yellow, brown or reddish stripes. It has an elongate body with a fan-shaped telson (last segment, or appendage of the last segment of the abdomen). It has a large upturned rostrum with 6-7 dorsal teeth and 4-5 ventral teeth. The first two pairs... Continue Reading →

Common Shore Crab

Carcinus maenas Also called the ‘European Green Crab’, this crab is fairly variable in colour, but typically marbled dark green, brown or reddish. It has an angular-oval carapace with 5 teeth on each side and 3 rounded lobes between the eyes. Carapace width up to 10cm. The Common Shore Crab is a scavenger of carrion... Continue Reading →

Idotea balthica

The males are larger than the females. The adult has a long, ovoid body with variable colouration, either yellow, brown or green, and typically with white spots or a longitudinal line down the centre of the dorsal surface. The females are often darker than the males. The telson (last segment, or appendage of the last... Continue Reading →

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