Moon Jellyfish

Aurelia aurita I  came across this jellyfish stranded on a beach in Wales. It grows up to 4cm in diameter and is recognised by its four purpley-blue reproductive rings. It has a smooth, saucer-shaped colourless bell. It feeds on a wide variety of plankton, including fish eggs and small fish. It is often found washed... Continue Reading →

Compass jellyfish

Chrysaora hysoscella A beautifully marked jellyfish which has 16 distinct brown v-shaped marks radiating from the centre of the flattened bell. It has 32 marginal lobes, 24 long, trailing tentacles and 4 mouth arms. The tentacles are covered in clusters of stinging cells called ‘nematocysts’, and can give a very painful sting. Diameter up to... Continue Reading →

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