Getting Bigger

I have noticed how big the young frogs are now growing in the garden pond. I spied four of them amongst the Water Mint and pond weed poking their heads out the water. Feel free to click the images to enlarge and click again to get even closer … © Pete Hillman August 2019

Young Froggy Uncovered Again

Another one from the pond found under a piece of bark. July 2019, rear garden, South Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

Staying Alive

I wondered where all my tadpoles had gone. Spotted a couple of little juvenile frogs today hiding under a piece of bark in my back yard. Below how it began life feeding on algae in the pond into the carnivorous creature above. It is one way to keep the slugs down. Nature is trully a... Continue Reading →

Underwater Grazing

Back in March I discovered clumps of frogspawn in my garden pond which was built 3 years ago in the spring of 2016. You can imagine my excitement as this was the first time I might have my first tadpole nursery! Before I knew it the tadpoles were appearing, and as they grew I noticed... Continue Reading →

Froggy Has A Close Call

... with the green waste recycling bin. Whenever I wheel my green waste bin I am now cautious. For the little frogs and toads take to hiding under a little recess beneath the bin during the day, and if I don't tilt the bin forward I would most likely squish them, or drag them with... Continue Reading →

Frogs Partying In The Night Pool

The other night I caught a couple of frogs in and around the garden pond. With temperatures in the high twenties amd touching thirty who can blame them? 🙂 Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer Common Frog Rana temporaria, , July 2018, rear garden pond, Staffordshire, England. ©... Continue Reading →

Toad In A Watering Can

It is as the title states but after the event. This fairly large toad was found in one of my garden watering cans, and I can only guess it hopped in there when the can was on its side at some stage. Thankfully it was released unharmed near my garden pond where it hopped away... Continue Reading →

The Strangest Thing

Whilst out on a walk this morning along the bank of my local river the first thing I had noticed was that my favourite willow had finally succumbed to the ravages of disease and winter storms. It looked like it had been split asunder by a giant axe as half of it lay torn to... Continue Reading →

Toad From The Leaf Pile

This little one gave me quite a start as I was sweeping up some fallen leaves in the back garden this afternoon. It must have been hiding under a pile when I disturbed it with my dustpan and brush, and it suddenly emerged and hopped across the patio. It found a gap under my gate... Continue Reading →

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