Pomatoceros triqueter The tube in which the worm hides at low tide is white and smooth, irregularly curved, hard and calcareous with a single prominent ridge along its back. It looks triangular in cross-section. The worm itself is small with varied colouration,  and has a crown of feeding tentacles. Similar to Pomatoceros lamarcki which has... Continue Reading →

Master Builders

Sand Mason Worm (Lanice conchilega) The Sand Mason Worm fashions a tube made from cemented sand grains and tiny fragments of seashell. It has a frayed edge around the mouth, and can be seen at low tide protruding from the sandy beach. The worm itself is pink, yellowish or greenish with white tentacles and red... Continue Reading →

Mini Beast Battle

Below is a battle between an earthworm and the larva of the Devil’s Coach Horse (Ocypus olens), a rove beetle. This may have been going on for a while for the worm appeared quite weakened, and the beetle larva had its sharply hooked mandibles well and truly locked in the writhing worm’s flesh. Devil’s Coach... Continue Reading →

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