Less Than 1mm Long

Click and click again on the image to get that little bit closer … These are barely visible with the naked eye. I only spotted them by closely looking at the leaves of my crabapple to see them scurrying over the surface, although they can occur on most vegetation. The fine hairs on the leaves... Continue Reading →

Spring Springtail

If you move a garden pot that has been standing for a while, particularly after rain, and if you look closely where the pot was standing you may see some of these tiny little creatures (2.5mm (0.1in) long) begin to scurry around looking for cover. I believe this one maybe called Isotomurus palustris. If you... Continue Reading →

When You’re Smiling

No, this is not a bottle cleaner, but a tiny springtail called Orchesella villosa, which are part of our everday microfauna we don't always see. Double click on the image to enlarge. September 2017, discovered under an upturned stone, rear garden, Staffordshire, England.

Getting A Little Closer II

Orchesella villosa is another springtail, but one of Britain's largest growing up to 5mm (0.2in) long. It can leap a fair way, too, when it feels threatened, and I thought I had lost it a few times. I would not have got this level of detail or this close with just the Sigma macro lens,... Continue Reading →

Getting A Little Closer

To get a little closer to this springtail means adding a Raynox DCR-250 conversion lens to the end of my Sigma 105mm macro lens, which came through the post via Amazon today. It has an adapter which will clip on the end of any lens with a filter size between 52mm to 67mm. Tricky to... Continue Reading →

Sitting With The Springtails II

Here we are again, sitting in the late afternoon sun, amongst some rather interesting friends. Some of them familiar, like the banana yellow Deuterosminthurus pallipes above, and some of them not so familiar like the plumb purple one below, which is the same species. And further down we again have Entomobrya intermedia, just sitting there... Continue Reading →

Sitting With The Springtails

Just sitting in the garden, looking and listening, so much life going on around me. I look down and focus, and see movement on the plants below. I could not tell what they were with the naked eye, they were so small, but they were alive and moving. Through the lens of my camera I... Continue Reading →

Entomobrya intermedia

Barely visible to the naked eye and with a length of 2mm, this springtail has distinctive purplish markings on its back, especially the crucial broken “U” on the large 4th abdominal segment, and the continuous “W” on the same segment, which helps to identify it compared to other similar species; but length of abdominal segments... Continue Reading →

Can You Spot The Beetle’s Friend?

Sminthurides aquaticus This was one of those moments when you are focusing on snapping something and don't realise you got more than you bargained for when opening it up on the PC monitor. It's not the clearest of images, but below the beetle called Elaphrus riparius is a tiny yellowish and bluish globular springtail called Sminthurides... Continue Reading →

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