Pod People In My Hawthorn Bush

This isn't one for the squeamish. Not quite 'Pod People' - hawthorn would hardly make a comfy bed for them to mature in. It was a beautiful early morning, and I was admiring the roses when I caught site of this large sprawling web between my hawthorn bush and climbing roses. The light was filtering... Continue Reading →

Athalia cordata

This is quite a brightly coloured sawfly which I often see in my garden during the spring and summer months. They grow up to 7mm (0.3in) long, and are seen around the plant BugleĀ Ajuga reptans, which is one of the plants the larvae feed on. The commonest of the Athalia and widespread in Britain. Often... Continue Reading →

Last One Standing

Or maybe I should I titled this blog 'Last One Munching'. I have been watching these Large Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana) larvae for the past few days, and how they have chobbled on my rose leaves and how they have grown fat on them. This is the final instar stage and the others had dropped... Continue Reading →

Four For Dinner

They have been at my roses all summer so far, and they are certainly making a meal of them. These are Large Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana) larva, young instars most likely. And four of them seem to like this one particular leaf for some reason. I feel sorry for the top two, for when they... Continue Reading →

Turnip Sawfly

Athalia rosae This is quite a small but very distinctive sawfly which I regularly see around my back garden. Brightly orange body and legs, a black head, black markings on the thorax and along one side of the wings. Common and widespread, the larvae are considered to be an occasional but serious pest of crucifers,... Continue Reading →

Ichneumon stramentor

Out of all the insects to attempt to photograph I find wasps can be one of the trickiest of challenges as they hardly ever keep still. This is an ichneumon wasp, quite a large species and colourful with its bright yellow markings. There are many similar species and identifying them can be a challenge in... Continue Reading →

Tenthredo maculata

This sawfly is a striking yellow wasp mimic, with a large bright yellow band across its abdomen, which is larger in the males. It also has yellow markings on the thorax, head and legs. Dark patches on wing margins. Length 12 to 16mm. The larvae feed on grasses. It flies May to late summer, and... Continue Reading →

More Devastation

They are at it again. I have posted on these previously this year, and these sawfly larvae, called Large Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana), are stripping my rose-bush leaves again. They seem to be very methodical in their consumption of the leaves, completely stripping individual leaves bare before moving onto others, leaving ravaged skeleton stalks behind... Continue Reading →

Life In A Week

It's amazing how things can change in just one week, especially if you are an insect. Last week I posted 'Balancing Act', which showed these caterpillars in an early stage of development, and after one week of almost continuous feasting on my rose-bush leaves how they have grown and changed. These are Large Rose Sawfly... Continue Reading →

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