Something Strange Comes This Way

You may be forgiven for thinking you have clicked onto a site featuring some of H.R. Giger's new alien artwork looking at the top two images which I have desaturated for effect. But what we actually have is the shed skin from a mayfly, Baetis sp. and a male. These remaining images show the mayfly... Continue Reading →

Yellow Mayfly

Potamanthus luteus A fairly large species of mayfly with a yellowish body and a brown-reddish stripe running along its back. Each section of the abdomen is marked with small black dots. It has three long whip-like tails and large hindwings. The eyes are yellowish-green. Forewing 15 to 20mm. They breed in fast-flowing water. The nymphs... Continue Reading →

Leptophlebia vespertina

This is a female mayfly carrying a green egg sac. It is a small to medium-sized mayfly with a reddish-brown body, three tails, and large hindwings. Similar to Leptophlebia marginata, which has a dark smokey wingtip. Length 11mm. The nymphs are poor swimmers so move amongst dense aquatic vegetation. They feed on fine organic detriment... Continue Reading →

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