Britain’s Largest Hoverfly The Hornet Hoverfly

Measuring almost 2cm (almost 2 inches) long, this is our largest hoverfly. It is called Hornet Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria), and it was enjoying itself amid the blooms of my Buddleia. July 2017, rear garden, Staffordshire, England.


Nature’s Way

Sun Fly (Helophilus pendulus) mating, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. July 2017.

In The Pink

Thick-legged Hoverfly (Syritta pipiens), on rose. Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. July 2017. Please click on an image for a larger more detailed view. Clicking a second time may get you a little closer.

Pied Hoverfly

Scaeva pyrastri This is the first time I have seen this hoverfly here. I usually see similarly yellow marked flies, so this was quite something to see one with bright white markings. Note how the frons (that section in front of the eyes) bulges. That is a characteristic of this species. This is a fair-sized... Continue Reading →

A Tired Visitor

This hoverfly, the Narcissus Bulb Fly (Merodon equestris), must have been a tired fellow, for I found him quite still and resting on the arm of one of my garden chairs earlier this morning. His wings looked a little worse for wear and quite worn out. He must have done a fair few air miles.... Continue Reading →

The Sun Fly Returns

The hoverfly, Sun Fly (Helophilus pendulus), is back and landing on rocks around my garden pond. It appears it may well be a regular visitor. May 2017, Staffordshire, England.

Epistrophe eligans

This is one hoverfly that has eluded my camera until now. For a fly it is certainly a showy one with its shiny brassy-coloured and yellow markings. A relatively small hoverfly with a wing length of between  6.5 to 9.5mm, it is mainly seen in the spring, from March through to May, feeding on flowers... Continue Reading →

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