I Am The Grass

This bush-cricket is the female Long Winged Cone-head Conocephalus discolor, and she so enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with me in the long grasses of the local meadow back in the summer. It was kind of frustrating for me after a while for every time I tried to get her better side she would swivel around the... Continue Reading →

Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum

Well, this was quite an unexpected visitor to my garden last night. These crickets are attracted to light, apparently, and this one was on my shed. This is a male with its long curved cerci, a bit like an earwigs. It has a notable yellowish stripe along its back with a reddish tinge to it.... Continue Reading →

Grey Bush-cricket

Platycleis albopunctata The Grey Bush-cricket’s body colour is mainly grey to light brown, although the top of the head and thorax maybe brown or green. The underside is usually a pale yellow or green. The hind femora normally have a dark ‘fish-bone’ pattern. Both sexes are fully winged. Females have a black and long, upturned... Continue Reading →

Long-winged Conehead

Conocephalus discolor This bush-cricket is normally green with brown wings and a brown stripe on the head and pronotum. Both sexes are fully winged, and usually the wings extend beyond the abdomen tip. The ovipositor is long and straight, compared to the shorter and strongly curved ovipositor of the very similar Short-winged Conehead (Conocephalus dorsalis), ... Continue Reading →

Slender Groundhopper

Tetrix subulata Another groundhopper species which I discovered at the same pond as the Common Groundhopper (Tetrix undulata). There are only three species of groundhopper to be found in Britain, the other being Cepero’s Groundhopper (Tetrix ceperoi), which is rarer and found mainly along the south coast of England and Wales. This is a small... Continue Reading →

Common Groundhopper

Tetrix undulata This is quite a small groundhopper which is from the order Orthoptera, the Grasshoppers and Crickets. Groundhoppers have their own family within this order called Tetrigidae. I came across this and many others on the damp margins of a local pond. This is a small relative of the grasshoppers and is often overlooked... Continue Reading →

Common Field Grasshopper

Chorthippus brunneus The Common Field Grasshopper is usually brown, but green and other colour forms exist. Sharply angled keels on the top of the thorax and dense hair below. The wings stretch well beyond the tip of the abdomen, and enable them to fly some distance. The upper side of the tip of the abdomen is... Continue Reading →

Meadow Grasshopper

Chorthippus parallelus I have come across the Meadow Grasshopper quite often in my local fields. They are quite difficult to photograph as they tend to swivel around the grass stalk they are on everytime you get close to them. Its almost as if they are playing hide and seek with you! This grasshopper is mainly... Continue Reading →

Roesel’s Bush-cricket

Metrioptera roeselii A squat and bulky bush cricket, which is greenish brown in colour A very distinguishing feature is the white or pale green margin on the pronotum flaps. There are also pale yellowish spots just behind the pronotum on each side of the thorax. The wings are short on both sexes and reach about... Continue Reading →

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