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As I was preparing the garden hose for watering the garden this evening I disturbed this rather long-legged individual who was sheltering nearby. It a male Leiobunum rotundum, a species of harvestmen. I have bought you in close to start, and will bring you back gradually over three shots, and you will see just how... Continue Reading →

About Harvestmen

We are not talking about farmers who bring in the crops at the end of the season, but about harvest spiders, also known as daddy-longlegs. Harvestmen are often confused with spiders because of their extraordinary long legs. Although distantly related to spiders, the harvestmen are quite a distinct and ancient group, and when looking more... Continue Reading →

Leiobunum rotundum (female)

The females of this harvestmen are quite distinctive with a dark median dorsal band and black-ringed eyes. The male lacks the dark banding, but both sexes have a brownish-reddish ground colour. The legs are extraordinarily long. They can grow up to 7mm long in body length. A nocturnal hunter, feeding on various insects, other invertebrates... Continue Reading →

Odiellus spinosus

This is a fairly large harvestman with the females being larger than the males. It has a distinctive black mark along its back which terminates before the end of the abdomen and appears to be darkly outlined. A key identifying feature is the cluster of spines or horns just in front of the eyes which... Continue Reading →

Dicranopalpus ramosus

I came across this extraordinary species of harvestman on walks through my local wood. It has notably forked pedipalps, and it is often found on walls and vegetation with its legs stretched out to its sides and its forked pedipalps pointing forward. The males are darker than the females. Body lengths female up to 6mm,... Continue Reading →

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