Buzzing Spider – Anyphaena accentuata

A new spider species for me. This is a buzzing spider from the family of spiders called Anyphaenidae. There is only one genus and two species in Britain, which look very similar and the only way to tell them apart is with a microscope. However, I am pretty confident this is the correct species as the other one is localised to London.

I found this one on my Fatsia, and it appeared to be hunting and eating spiderlings of a another species of spider, the Cucumber Green Spider (Araniella cucurbitina sensu lato). Note the two pairs of distinct brown markings on the abdomen, almost looking like chevrons. They grow up to 7mm (0.3in) long. They hunt by running down their prey amongst the foliage of trees and bushes.

They are called buzzing spiders for the way the males vibrate their abdomen against the surface of leaves in order to attract females.