Brown Soil Slug Arion (Kobeltia) distinctus

Class Gastropoda (Slugs & snails)
Order Pulmonata (Lung-bearing slugs & snails)
Family Arionidae (Roundback slugs)
Species Arion (Kobeltia) distinctus J. Mabille, 1868

Length 25-40 mm.

Also called the ‘Common Garden Slug’, this is one of the smaller slugs with fine tubercles. Often elongated or C-shaped when discovered resting. The sole and mucus are yellow to orange. The back is usually dark brown-grey suffused with yellowish-golden pigment cells (chromatophores). The head and tentacles are black to cold-blue black. Dark lateral bands are usually broad and low on the sides of the body.

Found in gardens, wasteland and agricultural land. Common and widespread throughout Britain. Native.

Discovered under loose bark in back garden, South Staffordshire 11th &19th May 2021. © Peter Hillman.

Species identification confirmed and recorded by an expert from iRecord.