Beautiful Beetle

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This is the Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana) which I found on my Lavender. It looks like it has been crafted from soft metals and has been purposefully engraved with rows of tiny circular indents.

As beautiful as it may look, it is considered a pest of Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, Thyme and similar plants, both the adult and the larva feeding on the foliage … although it hasn’t caused me any bother.

The beetle is a native of southern Europe that has become established in Britain since the 1990s especially in the south east of England. It is continuing to extend its range.

33 thoughts on “Beautiful Beetle

  1. You take what is widely regarded as a pest, ‘polish it up’ beautifully, and everyone loves it. These are fantastic shots that show off the beautiful details of this beetle – could be used for ‘save this beetle’ posters!

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  2. I have a lot of lavender and several patches of rosemary but don’t recall seeing this beetle, and it isn’t among my photo records either.
    I should be grateful, then!

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