Not a Moth or Even An Owl

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These are actually called ‘Moth Flies’, or ‘Owl Flies’ or even ‘Drain Flies’. This one is Psychoda surcoufi. This is very small with a wingspan of 2 mm (5/64 in). They belong to a family of flies called Psychodidae.

You can see why they are called ‘Moth Flies’, for they can be easily mistaken to be one of the micro-moths … but not an owl, surely? They have the ‘Drain Fly’ tag because they can congregate in large numbers around drains in swarms. The larvae actually breed in drains, too. They even like the residue at the bottom of toothbrush holders if they aren’t cleaned out often enough, laying eggs and producing larvae which will feed on the bacteria and other matter gathered there. Not a pleasant thought.

18 thoughts on “Not a Moth or Even An Owl

  1. Ted, like me, is probably going to give his toothbrush holder a thorough clean after reading this! You never fail to delight.

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  2. I’ve read about drain flies, but I never imagined them so cute. On the other hand, there is that business about the toothbrush holder. If you’ll excuse me, I have a little chore to attend to…

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      1. I absolutely love a good forum discussion, especially among people who know what they’re talking about. The sidebars often are the best, like “(Two wings good, four wings better!)”

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