Face On

1x photo. Double click to enlarge.

At 1 mm (3/64 in) or less in length these small mites called Euzetes globulus are hard enough to focus on and photograph, but you add in that they are always on the move it multiplies the challenge. Thankfully these are slow movers compared to other mites, which give you half a chance at least, but you still have to take many photos until you get one or two which gets close to hitting a sweet spot.

This is a face on shot with its shiny protective ‘crash helmet’, which are what I like to call them with a distinctive front rim. Like all arachnids, these have eight legs in total.

18 thoughts on “Face On

    1. Hi Emma! 🙂 It has been a long time, and I hope you are well there. First time I have seen these, and I was taken by their beautiful colouring and patterning.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to see the helmet charging at me. Mite scare me to death. Great work to get this tiny bundle of energy in a sharp shot, Pete.

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