30 thoughts on “All Green – Cucumber Green

  1. It’s a pretty little thing. At first I thought it was a crab spider, but I see it’s an orb weaver, and I don’t think crab spiders weave webs. I usually see them just lurking about.

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    1. Crab spiders don’t weave webs as you say, but they like to wander and chase their prey, or wait for it to just drop in their laps.


  2. Cool! I don’t think I’ve seen a green spider. Of course my memory leaves a lot to be desired. You’ve got quite the collection of insect species in your yard, Pete.

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      1. I only tried it for the first time myself a few weeks ago, and photoshop does a pretty good job of aligning and merging, and its all automated, so makes for easy 🙂

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  3. I noticed that your first two commenters both used the phrase “pretty little thing”. I don’t know that I’d use the word “pretty”, other than to say you did a pretty good job getting so much sharp through focus stacking.

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