Another Odd One From The Bushes

x4 photographs. Double click to enlarge.

Juniper Rust Gymnosporangium sp.

The Hawthorn bush at the bottom of my garden is really showing up some oddities this year. I noticed some rust spotting, larger than the usual, on the upperside of the leaves on the main and secondary veins, and when I flipped them over this was underneath.

Juniper Rust Gymnosporangium sp.

They were tricky to photo because of all the sticky out points, so I tried my hand at some photo stacking. The above images are made up of up to 3 stacks each, and could have done with more really. Difficult to do handheld, but possible.

Juniper Rust Gymnosporangium sp.

This is the upperside of the leaf which looks like it has rusty pimple. So what do we have here? Well, it’s a plant gall, a fungi called Juniper Rust (Gymnosporangium sp.), and you may wonder what is it doing on Hawthorn?

Juniper Rust Gymnosporangium sp.

It has a complicated lifecycle, beginning with Junipers, its main host. Fungus forms a ball on Junipers which produces a set of orange tentacle-like spore tubes called telial horns. These horns expand and have a jelly-like consistency when wet. The spores are released and travel on the wind until they infect the secondary hosts like Hawthorn where fungus produces tiny rust-like pimples on the leaves. It also infects the fruit, which grows tubes which carry the spores. The spores must then infect a Juniper to complete the life cycle.

30 thoughts on “Another Odd One From The Bushes

  1. Congrats on photo stacking. I don’t have the patience (both with photographing and processing) to even try it. I have seen some really good results with it though and you seem to have achieved some good DOF with it. The lifecycle is complicated and surprises me a little. Seems like to many opportunities to fail and I think Nature usually provides many more opportunities to not fail.

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    1. Many thanks, David! I was not interesed in focus stacking either until I bought The Raynox MSN-202 conversion lens which I clip on the end of my Sigma 105 mm macro lens. The depth of field is really shallow this close up, even with high f/stops. So I thought I would give it a tentitive go. I have Photoshop CS4, and didn’t think I would be able stack in there, but you can, and it is all automated with in the main good results.

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      1. Probably at night there are thousands of more or less tiny life forms in your garden having a great party πŸ™‚ It is good, that you offer such a diversity. We could need more of it!

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