Phalangium opilio

Phalangium opilio female

This is another new species for the garden, and they all appear to like my shed wall for some reason. This is a lovely female.

Phalangium opilio female

A long-legged harvestman with an indistinct and variable light gray or brown body pattern. The saddle has one or two restrictions along its length giving it a waisted, or double-waisted appearance. Males have a large spur or horn projecting from the anterior surface of the first cheliceral segment. They also tend to have long, thin pedipalps relative to those of other harvestmen and usually are blacker in colouration than the females.

Phalangium opilio female

Found in well vegetated areas such as gardens, brownfield sites, grassland and open woodland. Seen on walls and vegetation.

Phalangium opilio female

12 thoughts on “Phalangium opilio

  1. I am fascinated by harvestmen. There are some here in NZ that have chelicerae that are something like ten times their body length–must be seen to be believed; you will find lots more info with a quick Google search for harvestman NZ. I have yet to see one in the wild, but keep hoping.

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  2. The intricacies of the wonders of nature never cease. Your close-up photographs are a great way to see how this creature is ‘put together’.

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