White-legged Snake Millipede Tachypodoiulus niger

White-legged Millipede Tachypodoiulus niger

Quite a large dark millipede with a length of up to 60 mm (about 2/34 in). They take 2 to 3 years to mature, and can live for several years after first mating.

White-legged Millipede Tachypodoiulus niger

It can be seen all year round, and is found in gardens, woodlands and anywhere with rocks or rotting trees under which it can hide. Very common and widespread throughout Britain.

12 thoughts on “White-legged Snake Millipede Tachypodoiulus niger

    • It’s the way they move with the wriggling of all those legs that can get me sometimes. Mostly they stay still when you disturb them, and they usually curl up, but this one was having none of that.

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    • They can be a little creepy to some, and sometimes they can catch me off guard when I lift a piece of loose bark and they squirm. Not seen one dance yet, though … that would be something to catch on camera πŸ™‚

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