Cuter Than Cute – For A Bug

Dicyrtomina saundersi female juvenile

Dicyrtomina saundersi is its name, and not an insect (although previously considered to be) but a springtail. There is a kind of ‘spaceman’ like figure in the pattern towards the head, and a distinct dark barred patch towards the rear of the abdomen which helps separate it from similar species.

Dicyrtomina saundersi female juvenile

It looked directly up at me here … and appears to have kinda smiled, or may be it was a grimace?

Dicyrtomina saundersi female juvenile

This is a young one, a juvenile, and a female with the pale cheeks. It is around 2 mm (5/64 in) long.

Dicyrtomina saundersi female juvenile

Seen all year round under stones and bark in various habitats. A native species, and fairly common and widespread throughout Britain.

Dicyrtomina saundersi female juvenile

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39 thoughts on “Cuter Than Cute – For A Bug

  1. Yes, cuter than cute (besides from squirrel of course ;-)! They are really incredible cute. Pale cheeks, wow, you have sharp eyes 🙂 Wonderful pictures. I love it.

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  2. Incidentally, I keep landing on the ‘start your own blog’ page when trying to double-click images in your recent posts. Is there a trick for getting past this?

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    1. I have images set to the media file, and they tend to go to a white screen with image at first, an advertising landing page, and then click again you can usually open them up proper. I tried in a different browser and all seems to be working fine, so I don’t know what gremlins are doing in here?

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    1. I have found these under loose bark I keep around the garden, but there are plenty of fallen autumnal leaves around, and I have seen one or two on them also. They seem to be everywhere at the moment, so I hope you get to see some!


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