I Can’t Help It … Pareidolia

Hammered Shield Lichen Parmelia sulcata

I never saw the ‘face’ at the time of taking this photograph. It wasn’t until I got it on the PC screen that it was there in profile with its pointed chin, blunted nose and dark staring eye. Apart from looking like a face it is Hammered Shield Lichen (Parmelia sulcata) growing on a rotting branch.

27 thoughts on “I Can’t Help It … Pareidolia

  1. Here’s something strange — try as I might, I can’t see a face! I don’t see anything but lichen. Of course, it is quite early; perhaps finishing my first cup of coffee will improve my vision.

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    1. Again the brain is an amazing thing and we all see things differently. I remember as a young child we had patterned lino in the kitchen and wc, and I could always see faces and forms in them. It was bare brick in the wc, and some of the masonary defects expressed faces and shapes. One even looked like my dad’s old Vespa motorcyle! Amazing what we can remember from the distant past, and what we forget in the morning πŸ™‚

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  2. While I can see the face, I also see – on the left of the photograph – a girl wearing a jacket seated as though she may be riding a scooter or a horse. Her mouth is open and she is looking upwards. I still see faces and forms on patterned floors or curtains – wish I could draw them!

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  3. Definitely a face (and its a great photo of that lichen too).

    I see faces, animals and a whole lot more in clouds, so I’m not surprised to see faces in lichen πŸ™‚

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  4. I actually see two profiles. One on the right, with a big nose and one on the left with a small round nose πŸ™‚

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