You Don’t Really See Me

Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus)

I am sure it thought that if it couldn’t see me I couldn’t see it. Its larger frontal eyes are tucked under the moss. It seems to have been a very good year for these. More of them around, and larger, too, so getting a good diet.

Zebra Spider Salticus scenicus

This one has quite some nice colouring.


17 thoughts on “You Don’t Really See Me

  1. I remember zebra jumpers from my childhood in Michigan, and they planted the first seed of my lifelong fascination with spiders in general, and jumpers in particular. They are simply wonderful!

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    • They have so much character with those big front eyes, and how they almost look at you like they are as curious about us as we are of them. Imagine the shock if one day one pulled out a Canon or a Nikon and took a photo of us! 🙂

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