Nigma walckenaeri

This rather attractive green coloured spider is seen spring through to autumn, on trees and bushes, often in suburban gardens and parks. Double-click to enlarge.

Nigma walckenaeri male
This is a male with its reddish-brown cephalothorax.

30 thoughts on “Nigma walckenaeri

  1. What a cool spider, Pete–I have never seen a green spider. I really like the perspective that you chose for this shot that gives us a great view of its entire body, including the wonderful eyes.

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    • Thank you very much, Mike! It was a nice surprise. I spotted a mayfly which flew into my box hedge in the backyard, so I gently tapped the hedge over a trug to see if it would pop out, but this spider appeared instead 🙂


  2. That is a rather well dressed spider! A friend in Oaxaca recently posted a photo of an unfamiliar spider there, which turned out to be a whip scorpion. I don’t know how to share the photo with you, but I’m sure you could look it up online. We have seen many scorpions in Mexico, but this one is quite different.

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  3. Wow, fantastic colours! I never saw one like that before. It is funny, today is spider day in several blogs. I saw a wasp spider. But this one is somewhat cooler with this green body 🙂

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  4. Cool find, Pete. Love the color and it’s always a good shot when you get to see the eyes. Lately most of the spiders I’ve found, none of which are as colorful as this one, have their heads down and I have to either lie down or squat to angle up into their eyes.

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