3 Faces of The Candy-striped Spider

Enoplognatha ovata – This spider comes in 3 flavors … well not quite flavours but forms or ‘morphs’. Not quite faces either, but opisthosomas or abdomens. Form lineata is creamy-yellow with black dots, form redimita is also creamy-yellow but with two broad red stripes and lines of black dots, and finally form ovata has a single broad red band and black spots. Sometimes the black dots may be abscent in all forms. After mating the female folds a leaf, usually bramble or nettle, and deposits a single egg sac inside and guards it. In my green recyling bin, where I tend to find them, they deposit the egg sac in a corner. With the lid down I suppose it offers some protection.

Candy-striped Spider Enoplognatha ovata form lineata
Form lineata

Candy Stripe Spider Enoplognatha ovata form redimita female
Female with egg sac form redimita

Candy Stripe Spider Enoplognatha ovata form ovata
Form ovata


27 thoughts on “3 Faces of The Candy-striped Spider

  1. A rather attractive spider, especially the lovely reddish-pink markings in the centre image.

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  2. Fascinating, Pete. Do you know if one can morph into another, or do they stay the way they are throughout their lives? Some of our goldenrod spiders in MInnesota are able to change, like chameleons, from pink to yellow, depending on which flower they settle on, though it takes them quite some time (a day or two, I believe), to adapt. I thought I had a post or two about them, but I see that I was mistaken. I will correct that deficiency soon.

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  3. Fascinating and as always fantastic pictures of these small and amazing insects that the rest of us usually do not see, or search for.

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