Ear Wicga

Common Earwig (Forficula auricularia) – The title is not a misspelling, but it is from Old English meaning ‘one that wiggles in your ear’. These slender insects do love to crawl into small dark crevices, so somebody sleeping on the ground may indeed have the unpleasant occasion to have one wiggle in one’s ear, but it is surely a myth that they burrow through the ear drum to lay their eggs in your brain! Those pincers at the rear look rather nasty, but they are mainly used in courtship and defence. Earwigs appear to be virtually wingless, but the hind wings are partly concealed beneath the outer, modified forewings. They in fact rarely fly. They feed on almost anything, from various plant material to aphids and other small insects, and scavenge from dead matter. Best keep your ears plugged when lying on the ground, if you happen to do so.

Common Earwig Forficula auricularia

24 thoughts on “Ear Wicga

  1. I see this and immediately Edgar Allen Poe, The Gold Bug comes to mind 😀. It occurred to me when I saw this post that it was written in and takes place not far from where I sit typing this 😀. Sullivan Island, Charleston SC is a place I have photographed numerous birds you have seen on my site. Thank you, now I will revisit the story with a different perspective.

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    1. I have read Poe in the past, but couldn’t remember this one so had to Google. I couldn’t believe he got $100 for this work at the time and only after winning a contest, and it was probably the largest single sum of money he received from his writing. It is interesting that the story is based where you have been taking many of your wonderful photographs of amazing birds! Are you looking for Captian Kidd’s treasure, by any chance? 😉


      1. People still talk about it, but no LOL. Though one of the most photogenic streets in town is by the ‘pirate’ house where ransom was paid to Black Beard, and down the street from where Stedt Bonnet and crew were hung. No treasure ever found here…yet.

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      2. I watched a programme earlier this year called Expedition Unknown featuring Josh Gates, and he was looking for Black Beard’s treasure. It’s all very fascinating.

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      3. Most people look just north of Charleston, along the barrier islands of North Carolina. Tales claim after the blockade of Charleston he traveled north up the coast and ran aground in the shoals… with Charlestons treasure LOL.

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  2. Not my favorite of the insect world, but I’ve always thought they look rather elegant, as if they’re wearing a formal dinner outfit.

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  3. Great shot.
    (I’m paranoid about spiders in the bedroom. I’m scared one will drop on my face in the night. Every time I find a spider in my bedroom or Harlequin bug on the lounge interior window, I get a glass and piece of paper to slide over the glass top and take the insect outside and drop it over my balcony fence).

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  4. Ahhh.. I remember so well that I was terrified of these insects when I was little. I don’t know who tricked me that they were in my bed and crawled into my ears 😕 It was a nightmare and fortunately I have never seen anyone here in Malta.
    But today I would know better than being afraid and your image is, as usually, sharp, and another amazing macro!

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  5. Tvestjärt i swedish (tve-two, stjärt- tail) One of my favorites, since I saw how they take care of eggs and chicks. 🙂

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