Under The Bark

I keep some pieces of tree bark in an area of the garden, along with a few branches, which help to give shelter to animals. Occasionally I peer underneath. I know these slimy critters aren’t to everybodies taste, but they all play their role in keeping nature’s balance, and are little wonders in themselves. The trio of Common Chrysalis Snails in the top image are around 4.4 mm (1/4 in) long, and the Discus Snail in the last image is a little bigger at 7 mm in diameter. Iberian Three-band Slug centre looks to be a young juvenile.

Common Chrysalis Snail Lauria cylindracea
Common Chrysalis Snail (Lauria cylindracea)

Tree Slug Lehmannia marginata
Iberian Three-band Slug (Ambigolimax valentianus)

Discus Snail Discus rotundatus
Discus Snail (Discus rotundatus)

25 thoughts on “Under The Bark

  1. I also particularly like the tight spirals of the discus. And I like your idea of bark strips as a permanent garden fixture. I think I’ll follow your example with this.

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    1. I was just considering which trees I should select as donors for the bark fixture, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, as the little folk will know what’s attractive for them and are not likely to go barking up the wrong tree.

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      1. I’m also keen on the discus spirals Gary, and a smile to ‘barking up the wrong tree’ haha. Peter you’ve captured the Tree Slug amazingly well, much admiration from me for the clarity of the body surface ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Thank you very much, Liz! believe it or not slugs can be quite a challenge to photo, trying to get most of it in focus, and not causing too many highlights.

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    2. I found some loose strips of bark lying around in the local wood and placed it on earth in the garden. It’s amazing what can come along for shelter and for food in a relatively short time.I added a few few short branches, too.

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  2. There is a form of life almost everywhere – thank you for revealing these where few of us would go looking.

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    1. I always have some loose bark in the garden, which I place on soil. It’s amazing how life soon makes a home of it. It would be interesting to see what might appear under your bark in time. Those snails do have a beautiful texture to them. There were about half a dozen under one piece.

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  3. Very nice shots of such small creatures. I’m also impressed that you estimate that the slug is a young juvenile.

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  4. I agree with the others the discus snail image is quite nice, Peter. The contrast of the spiral with the straight lines of the bark make a pleasing photo.

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